Glass shower screens

Posted on: 22 February 2017


Bathrooms are as individual and as unique as the people who live in the house, so when it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom installation, it can be difficult to select what the best option is without knowing all the facts. Whether renovating or building a house from scratch, it is important to consider the side of the bathroom and what sort of shower and accompanying screen would be best suited to the application. 

There are a variety of glass shower screens that can be installed in a bathroom aside from the average shower curtain that often gets wet and mouldy so easily in most households. Specifically, these screens and doors can be framed, frameless, semi-framed, and bi-fold shower screens. More often than not, they are are glass screens that surround the shower area to ensure that the water stays inside the designed space for safety and health reasons.

Shower screens can add a functional and stylish dimensional aspect to any bathroom and they have two main functions; to contribute to the overall aesthetic and stylistic approach of the bathroom itself and also to provide safe and effective water protection for the room.  

Framed screens

A framed shower screen will have contoured edges around each piece of glass to eliminate dirt and soap that may otherwise get trapped. This look defines the shower within its place in the bathroom and makes it stand out, giving it form and structure. They can be customised to suit each individual bathroom's requirements as well as colour and spatial specifications.

Semi-framed screens

Semi-framed shower screens are designed to minimise water leakage that might otherwise occur from inside the shower. It is easy to clean and maintain as there are fewer crevices and contours to manage.

Frameless screens

Frameless screens can either be standalone or sliding, and both offer a timeless and elegant look for the bathroom. They allow for a piece of glass to be installed in such a way that ensures the water within the shower space stays in the shower space. 

Bi-fold screens

Bi-fold screens and doors are hinged vertically and self-foldable to provide an easily accessible doorway for the inside and outside the shower recess. 

Often when these glass shower screens are installed, they have already been treated with a strengthening solution or they are made from safety glass. The safety glass is a toughened glass that is either clear or a glazed over style.