Types of Glass Doors

Posted on: 23 February 2017


Glass doors can give you numerous benefits, ranging from access to natural light to enhanced aesthetics of your home or office. There are various types of glass doors. Knowing these types will help you when you want to go shopping for the doors or are planning to replace glass doors in your place. 

Sliding Doors 

These doors open sideways rather than outwards or inwards. When you open them, the doors glide alongside another glass panel or frame of the house. One of the advantages of these doors is that you can get to save on space – large doors can be used without consideration of space in front or behind the door.

Hinged Singled Door

As the name suggest, these doors have a single hinge that enables the other side of the door to open from the wall. These doors can open outwards, inwards, or both ways. These doors come in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the right size for your home or office.

Pivot Doors

These doors have their hinge pivoted on top and bottom of the door. The doors can be singular or multiple, depending on your preference. The designs of these doors allow you to position them in a particular angle to obstruct or direct breezes from outside.

French Doors

This style involves a pair of glass doors that open from each other, creating a larger space to move through when both are open. The doors may have timber-framed glass panels. They can be used as both exterior and interior doors and to maximize the space of the opening – or entrance.

Stacking Doors

These doors look like sliding glass doors but have more moving panels. The design and associated benefits are similar to those of sliding doors. These doors can accommodate a large opening due to their multiple panels.

Bi-fold Doors

These doors are made of individual folding door panels that can be either frameless or framed. The doors have two or more hinged panels that can open inwards or outwards. You can use these doors to create the illusion of a larger interior.

If you want to replace glass doors, this information is useful in making choice that is more informed. For instance, if you have stacking doors, replacing them with sliding doors gives you almost a similar effect, benefits, and functionalities. In addition, you can make your choice of glass doors based on the amount of space available to accommodate the doors.