Factors to Consider When Choosing Exterior Roller Shutters for Your Home

Posted on: 27 February 2017


Exterior roller shutters can protect your home's windows in cases of strong storms, and they're also good for those who need complete blackout conditions. This might include a child's room, for those who get migraines or for when a bedroom is located under a streetlight or by a busy road with lots of headlights that pass by the window. When you are ready to get exterior roller shutters installed, note a few questions to ask and some factors to consider so you know you get the right product for your home. 

1. Ask if they're actual hurricane shutters

Hurricane shutters will be stronger and more durable against high winds than other types of shutters; these will usually run along a track installed inside or outside the window frame and may even have a lock to keep them in place. A hurricane shutter will also usually be made of steel versus lightweight aluminium. Actual hurricane shutters have a storm rating, meaning how strong the winds needs to be before the shutter bends. If you live in the tropics or anyplace prone to tornadoes, ask for actual hurricane shutters and note the storm ratings for your area before you start to consider colour, material and other such details.

2. Note if you need bottom-up shutters

Bottom-up shutters are exactly as they sound; they roll up from the bottom of the window, not the top. These are often used in upper stories and for homes that get a lot of direct sunlight, as the sun may then streak in through the bottom of the window and not the top. Closing just the top of the shutters can allow the rooms floors and furniture to stay very warm, whereas using bottom up shutters can protect those surfaces and keep the room cooler without blocking out all the sunlight.

3. Consider increased home values

A real estate agent can tell you if roller shutters would improve the value of your home; this is important if you think you might sell your home at a later date. However, you might need hurricane shutters or a certain design to add any measurable value, so ask a real estate agent about your options. An installer may also be knowledgeable about how certain shutters and roller blinds affect a home's value in your neighbourhood, and may make recommendations as to what would work best for your home and your area in particular.