Tips for Keeping Your Home's Garage Door in Tiptop Shape

Posted on: 13 June 2017


A garage door is typically very durable and strong; after all, it needs to withstand the occasional errant driver or child on a bike who may run into it, and a garage door also needs to be strong and secure to keep out potential thieves. However, your door's overall condition is often dependent on you and how you maintain it; note a few tips for keeping the home's garage door in tiptop shape and for avoiding any unnecessary damage to the door and its components.

Tighten the hardware

When a garage door opens and closes, this means excessive movement, vibration, and pulling on all the hardware for the door. The bolts that hold the track on the garage door frame and the rollers on the door itself can easily come loose, so that the door is then less secure as it moves. Tighten those bolts and other hardware regularly to keep the track from pulling away from the wall and to ensure the rollers don't become misaligned. This will keep the door properly aligned and keep its weight from pulling it to one side or the other.

Don't pull on the door

If the door's automatic opener is failing, have it fixed rather than trying to manually operate on the door. You may find that you need to rock the door back and forth or to one side or the other to get it moving in order to close it, and this can put undue pressure on the tracks, chains, and springs that control the door. In turn, they could come out of alignment or break outright. The opener will operate the door smoothly and easily, avoiding this undue wear and tear.

Remember it's not a toy

If your door is made of PVC or another material that absorbs sound, you may be tempted to use it to practice your tennis shots, or your kids may not mind bouncing balls against it, since there will be little noise to bother the neighbours. However, each time the door is hit, it will vibrate against the tracks and chains and other parts. Note, too, that even a child's ball can cause dents and dings or compromise the surface of the garage door. In turn, rust may develop along a metal piece or water may seep into another material, causing damage. Don't assume that a strong and sturdy door can withstand this type of punishment and abuse. Instead, avoid hitting it with anything to keep it in good condition.