Garage Door Possibilities for a Home

Posted on: 5 October 2021


It can be tricky to decide what style of garage door to pick up for your home. Here is a rundown of several possibilities to help you make the best choice.

Roller Doors

Roller doors comprise a corrugated metal sheet using aluminium or steel. These doors open by rolling up vertically, forming a bundle over the entryway. You might opt for these style doors if you have a cramped driveway, or the garage sits close to the street. Because the doors open vertically, they don't protrude outwards, allowing you to park close to the garage before opening it. Remember, however, that the overhead bundle needs enough headroom above the doorway. 

You'll have plenty of colour choices with this option, covering the entire spectrum from neutral beiges and greys to vibrant reds and greens. The metal is encased in alloys and powder-coated paint layers to hinder rust from developing. Steel is sometimes stronger than aluminium and less likely to dent. But the toughness of a particular door depends on its construction and the thickness of the metal.

Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors consist of horizontal panels of materials using metal, wood, or vinyl, for example. Similar to roller doors, these doors open vertically. However, rather than rolling up into a bundle, the panels extend across the garage ceiling. Sectional doors provide a great option if you have a small driveway as they don't protrude outwards. Plus, they don't need the same amount of headroom as a roller door. However, because they extend across the garage ceiling, they take up potential overhead storage areas.

Sectional doors come in an array of designs. Using other materials besides metal, these doors can create many diverse looks. Plus, some designs feature windows either along the side or the top panel of the door, allowing light to flow into your garage. The windows also add embellishment.

Tilt and Swing Doors

Another possibility to consider is a tilt roller door that projects outwards and upwards. With these models, you can't park close to the garage while opening it as the door swings outwards. Tilt doors use diverse materials, including timber, for a rustic look.

You may alternatively select swinging garage doors that extend over the driveway area. With their classic look, these doors can harmonise with many architectural styles. When picking the colour, refer to the rest of your house. You could repeat the colour of the trim or roofing. If you want to make the garage door obscure so that it doesn't stand out, you could continue the external wall hue for a minimal look. However, contrasting the roof and garage door colours against the walls can add visual appeal.