Types of Glass Doors

Posted on: 23 February 2017

Glass doors can give you numerous benefits, ranging from access to natural light to enhanced aesthetics of your home or office. There are various types of glass doors. Knowing these types will help you when you want to go shopping for the doors or are planning to replace glass doors in your place.  Sliding Doors  These doors open sideways rather than outwards or inwards. When you open them, the doors glide alongside another glass panel or frame of the house.
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Glass shower screens

Posted on: 22 February 2017

Bathrooms are as individual and as unique as the people who live in the house, so when it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom installation, it can be difficult to select what the best option is without knowing all the facts. Whether renovating or building a house from scratch, it is important to consider the side of the bathroom and what sort of shower and accompanying screen would be best suited to the application.
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